Welcome to our new website!

Notice anything different around here?! The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the website is looking a bit different. What do you think?


The recent overhaul of our LimbO website was launched in June with the aim of it being more user-friendly and more visually appealing to our customers. You’ll notice there are more images for each product and the model selector (also known as our configurator) is quicker and more efficient too.


The even more observant of you may have noticed that we’ve also recently introduced a new version of the children’s arm LimbOs. This model now comes in blue and is something a bit more funky.


We’re so pleased with how it looks and hope you’ll find using the website an even more pleasant experience, thanks to the improved usability and fresh imagery. We’d love to get your feedback and comments on improving your LimbO experience online, including the new website. So please, contact us with any suggestions, or let us know how you’ve found it so far.