What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file containing letters and numbers that is stored on your computer by your web browser. As is the case for most transactional websites, they are essential to our website operation, and help us to improve our website service by understanding how our customers use our site, and to provide a more personalized service.

Cookies cannot read information stores on the hard drive of your computer. They cannot be used to spread viruses and they cannot access your email address. They will only transfer data which you have disclosed to the website.

In many cases, our cookies expire and delete themselves after a set period of time. You can find out about how to manage your cookie settings by reading the ‘Managing your cookies’ section below.

To order online at you will need to have cookies enabled, otherwise you will not be able to add things to your basket or check out. You can disable your cookies at any time; however in doing so you will prevent the website from performing essential functions, such as adding an item to the basket. To block all cookies, including the essential ones, use the Privacy setting on your browser’s Options menu. For further information about disabling cookies on your computer visit for a step by step guide on how to manage this.

To help you identify what cookies we use and why please read our guide below:

What sort of cookies do Thesis Technology use, and why?
Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are placed on your computer to allow our website to operate. Without these cookies, you will not be able to shop with us online (as our website, like most others, will not work without them).

First party cookies allow you to log in, add products to your basket and check out. They will also display your previously viewed products so that you can find them again. We will place these cookies as part of our legitimate interest.

Third party cookies are used to help with fraud detection and prevention.

The main strictly necessary cookies that we have the following functions:

Function: Geo location

Purpose:  This allows us to determine where you are browsing from so that we can direct you  to the appropriate language website.

Function: Product display

Purpose:  This allows you to view and browse our products.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help us to ensure our website is operating smoothly and securely. They do this in a number of ways, for example:

  • by monitoring unusual site traffic, which helps us monitor and detect fraud;
  • by helping us understand which pages on our website are most and least popular, which helps us improve our site design;
  • by allowing us to understand when our website is busiest, so that we can keep our site running smoothly at peak times.

The main performance cookies have the following functions:

Function: Website optimisation

Purpose: This allows us to improve the performance of our website by testing different website layouts and functionality, and analysing the results.

Function: Website optimisation

Purpose: This allows Thesis Technology to understand the way our customers navigate our website by aggregating user information to provide heatmaps and analytics. It may record your browser screen but does not record or store payment, password details or any personally identifiable information. We use this information alongside other feedback to help up improve our website design and performance.

Function: Website optimisation

Purpose: This helps us monitor and improve our webpage speed.

Function: Online surveys

Purpose: This allows us to display exit surveys, identify and prevent duplicate responses.

Function: Product reviews

Purpose: This helps us deliver our customer and product review comment functionality, for example by identifying when you try to review the same product twice.

Function: Analytics

Purpose: Google Analytics help us to track information about visitor numbers to our website. It tells us when you first visited our site, where you started your web journey, how often and for how long you browse our website.

Functionality cookies

These third party cookies allow us to review how you use the website, so that we can measure and improve performance. It is in our legitimate business interests to use these types of cookies but you can restrict these at any time. Without these cookies the site may not perform or look as expected.

The main functionality cookies that we use have the following functions:

Function: Digital Advertising

Purpose: This is used for advertising, site analytics and other operational purposes.


Social media sharing

Our website may contain links to third-party social media sites such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you take the opportunity to share our website content via these social media sites, those sites may also place cookies on your computer. If you have chosen to share our content via your social media sites, we have no control over this or the technologies used by the third-party sites, and accept no liability or responsibility for them.

Function: Social Media

Purpose: Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may send cookies that help them to show adverts from businesses and advertisers such as Limbo Waterproof Protectors in your social media feed, but only if your privacy settings within your social media account allows them to do so.

Since we do not have any control over your social media privacy settings, we are unable to control these cookies.

You can find out how social media providers collect and use your information, and how to manage your privacy settings by reading their privacy and cookie policies, for example by visiting:

Function: Social Media

Purpose: This allows you to share your shopping experience with your social networks. You can opt out of these cookies by clicking:


Managing your cookies

Your cookie settings are managed in your web browser, which should automatically be set to enable cookies unless you have changed your settings. It is important, therefore, that you understand how your cookie settings are set up in your web browser.

You can enable, disable or delete cookies by following your browser instructions, which you can usually find in the Tools or Help or Edit menu of a computer. If you chose to disable your cookie settings, then some of the basic shopping functionality of our website will not operate.

We will update this cookie notice from time to time, so please check back periodically to see any updates of changes.

This cookie notice was last updated on 8th September 2021.