Healthcare Professional

We are dedicated to working alongside healthcare professionals to support patient recovery assisted by LimbO Waterproof Protectors.

Lady in blue towel looking down at her left leg which is wearing a half leg LimbO Waterproof Protector

Working with Healthcare Professionals

The LimbO provides reliable, secure protection for casts and dressings enabling normal bathing and patient recovery.

We are proud of our long established relationship with healthcare professionals. LimbO Products has evolved through clinical trials within the NHS over 25 years. We wish to support professional practice and this page provides essential information to assist teams.

Please complete the form at the bottom of this page if you would like us to send supplies to your department, including patient flyers, bravery awards, stickers, pens and a sample LimbO if required. Do let us know if you need advice or support from one of our LimbO representatives.

LimbO Prescription Options

LimbO Adult Half Leg and Elbow/PICC Line covers are available on FP10 prescription from doctors or prescribing nurses. These are primarily for patients with long term health conditions, such as chronic leg wounds, or who are having I.V. treatment. Downloadable request forms on this page will enable you to help patients to get the right LimbO.

Carlie Hughes, Orthopaedic Practitioner and mum to two little girls

I can honestly say from first-hand experience with my daughter, and second-hand accounts from patients, this is an amazing product, the service you receive is second to none.

Team Training and Product Awareness

Our team of friendly LimbO representatives are available to assist with training events. Please contact us if you would like a rep to attend team training or a product awareness day. We can provide information packs and LimbO samples to inform and educate healthcare professionals, enabling them to facilitate patient well-being.

For assistance please call our Clinical Support Manager on 01243 578755

Please complete the request form below for supplies and assistance

When we receive your request we will send supplies or contact you promptly to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LimbO has a soft, stretchy Neoprene seal which has been carefully designed to make it as easy as possible to insert the affected limb. You will receive instructions with your LimbO order and you can view our easy guide on how to use your LimbO here.

General medical advice is that swimming or similar vigorous water activities (e.g. water slides) should be avoided during the healing process and it might be a good idea to consult a medical practitioner if you have any doubts or questions regarding this.

However, you can use your LimbO for gentle submersion in a swimming pool, i.e. paddling or ‘splashing around’, given that you follow these safety guidelines:

  • Activities such as wading/paddling should only be done within one’s depth
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Never enter a pool unaccompanied
  • Never use the LimbO as a flotation device
  • Do not attempt to use the LimbO in recreational activities

The LimbO can also be used in hydrotherapy as part of a medically-approved treatment. It can also be used in a hot tub, but for no longer than 10 minutes at a time as the heat will cause a faster build-up of condensation inside the LimbO.

Full leg casts can be heavy and severely restrict movement, therefore for safety reasons it is recommended not to go in a pool or the sea.
The LimbO should not be worn for longer than 25 minutes at a time because condensation can begin to build up inside the LimbO as it is completely sealed.

For reliable waterproof protection, choose LimbO. Tried and tested for 25 years.