It’s our Living Wage Anniversary!

LimbO Waterproof Protectors are an integral part of Thesis Technology Products, who were first accredited as a Living Wage employer in 2015. The Living Wage Foundation initiative encourages employers around the UK to pay employees a wage that meets the cost of living, not just the government’s minimum wage requirement.


Thesis Technology chooses to pay employees the real Living Wage, an independently-calculated wage rate based on what people need to earn to live. The government’s minimum wage rate is calculated based on 66% of average earnings – not what people actually need to get by. Over 180,000 employees around the UK have received pay rises since the introduction of the Living Wage campaign.


Thesis is one of nearly 6,000 accredited Living Wage employers and we are dedicated to the movement, despite the current challenges of the global pandemic. The real Living Wage initiative is built on a platform of shared values, co-operation and understanding. These values are intrinsic to Thesis’ own ethos and will be the ones that ensure that businesses and workers alike are protected from the challenges that lie ahead.


Thesis’ Managing Director, Ana Mardell says “We are proud to be celebrating our anniversary as a Living Wage employer. This is very important to us and everyone who works at Thesis Technology.”


For more information on the Living Wage, visit their website