The Best Cast Coverings

Breaking a limb or having a wound dressing is stressful enough, what with having to deal with the pain and discomfort. Then, after the initial stress, there is the inconvenience of wearing a cast for weeks at a time that you must not get wet. This can make simple tasks, like having a wash, pretty frustrating.


Thankfully, this is where LimbO and our waterproof cast protectors come in! We have a full range of waterproof and outdoor cast protectors that mean you can get back to your normal routine, without having to worry about keeping your cast dry.


Here, we’ve put together our top five most popular cast coverings – but to check out our entire range, just click here.


Half Leg Waterproof Protector. Available here: sitting on bath in half leg limbo

Our half leg waterproof protector is suitable for people with casts or dressings below the knee.  This LimbO protector will seal 8cm above the knee and can be fully submerged, making it perfect for the bath or shower.



lady watering plants with outcast mitt

This is a weatherproof and breathable protector for the lower arm.  It is ideal for outdoor use, to protect casts or dressings, and is available as a mitt that covers the whole lower arm, or as a wrist model (in both left and right handed sizes), which leaves the fingers free.



lady sitting on bath wearing a limbo picc line cover

Our elbow waterproof protector is aimed at adults who require elbow protection only, for example to cover a PICC line or midline, while taking a bath or shower. The seal grips approx. 10cm above and 10cm below the elbow.  The elbow LimbO comes in small-medium and medium-large sizes, based on an upper arm circumference, although both slimmer and larger sizes can be made on request.


man wearing an outcast foot cover

This is a weatherproof and breathable protector that keeps casts or dressings clean and dry when outdoors.  The Outcast is made from Porelle® fabric, which contains a built-in hydrophilic membrane that prevents moisture coming in but allows perspiration to escape.


man in bath wearing limbo full arm

These waterproof protectors are for adults with casts or dressings covering the whole arm or half arm.  These protectors seal just above the top of the cast or dressing and can be fully submerged.