Taking the hassle out of showering with a PICC line

Here at LimbO, we understand that undertaking everyday tasks with a PICC line can become more difficult and tiring. As well as all your medical appointments and remembering any medication, a PICC line can seem like another challenge to overcome. That’s why at LimbO we’re committed to making your life easier and our waterproof protectors are an easy addition that will save you time and effort, as well as worry!

It’s important to not get the PICC line wet, as we’re sure you know. Your doctor or nurse will have explained that keeping it dry is really important to keep the area free from infection. Maintaining a clean and dry dressing is paramount to a PICC line functioning properly.

But you still need to shower or have a bath – so what to do when you have a PICC line? Our LimbO protectors give a waterproof barrier so the line stays dry and you get peace of mind. Our specially designed LimbO for the elbow/PICC line area is an ideal solution to keep your arm dry, whilst still allowing you to move your arm freely and to not stop the blood flow. The LimbO is comfortable, thanks to the neoprene grips at each end of the cover, meaning you can shower with peace of mind that the PICC line won’t get wet.

Having the ability to carry on with life as normal is a great boost for emotional wellbeing whilst undergoing treatment.  So go on, now you can have a relaxing bath or shower, without the worry of risk to the PICC line. Find the right size PICC line cover for you here.