Our top lockdown activities for kids

(image: Parenting Chaos)

Make your own playdough


I think everyone can admit to having had lots of fun with playdough, when they were young and even when you’re a bit older! It’s good messy fun and it’s pretty easy to make at home too. All you’ll need is flour, salt, oil, water and food colouring! If you want to make different coloured batches, just grab some different coloured colourants.


Nature trails


It’s summer, so, fingers crossed for glorious weather! As long as it’s not pouring with rain and you’ve got the right attire, getting out of the house is great fun and great for children’s health and mental wellbeing. You can find checklists online to take with you on walks to tick off the things you discover as you go.


Wallpaper people


Most people have an odd roll or two of wallpaper hanging around in the loft or in the garage. And let’s face it, it’s probably never going to be used for its intended purpose anytime soon. Why not make some wallpaper people out of the patterned paper? Get each child to take it in turns lying down on the paper, get someone else to draw around them and then cut each wallpaper person out. The more colourful the paper, the better!


Great British Home Bake Off


One thing that has united us all during lockdown is how much enjoyment we all get out of food! And that was never more evident than in those early days where seemingly the whole world was making banana bread. If your children are old enough, why not have a family bake-off? Each family member can bake their favourite cake in a competition, but the reality is, everyone is a winner when there’s cake involved!