LimbOs and Healthcare Practitioners

The LimbO waterproof protector was originally designed to help people with casts for broken limbs bathe more easily. Established in the late 1990’s, the LimbO’s ability to help keep dressings, casts or PICC lines dry is now well established.


Whether for short or long term wound management, the benefit of LimbO is clear: it provides comfortable, reusable waterproof protection to the wound area. As such, LimbO has become a trusted product for healthcare professionals, who are supporting patient recovery. The LimbO product range has evolved through clinical trials within the NHS over 25 years and our representatives have worked closely with healthcare professionals to deliver assistance and training where needed to facilitate patient wellbeing.


The Adult Half Leg LimbO and Elbow/PICC line LimbO are both available on FP10 prescription from doctors and prescribing nurses, to primarily help patients with long term health conditions such as chronic leg wounds or who are having IV treatment.


LimbO representatives are available to attend team training and product awareness days, and often can be found at nursing and healthcare events around the country. LimbO can play an important part in contributing to patient recovery and wellbeing, and is well-respected by the medical community.


If you’re a healthcare professional and would like more information on LimbO, please visit this page and contact us.