The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Cast

When you break a bone, or have a serious injury or wound that breaks the skin, it’s necessary to wear a cast to protect the area or the limb affected. The cast allows broken bones to set and heal, or skin to repair whilst it is protected. Wherever you have a cast, whether it’s on your arm, your hand, your foot or your leg, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to cast maintenance, that will ensure you get the best of an unfortunate situation!


  • Put things in the cast

Unfortunately, casts can become itchy when you wear them for long periods of time and it’s hard to reach the skin underneath to scratch it. You definitely shouldn’t stick anything down the cast to alleviate the itch – it can get stuck or loosen the cast, which will make it less effective. Try blowing a hairdryer down the cast, on the cool air setting instead.

  • Get it wet

Moisture in the cast might impede the healing process, so it’s vital to keep the cast dry. It can also make the cast more irritating to your skin. Our waterproof protectors allow you to wash, or even splash in a pool, without worrying about your cast becoming damp.


  • Reduce swelling

In the first few days after injuring the affected limb keep it elevated as much as you can. This will reduce swelling and make the cast more comfortable.

  • Keep moving

If you’re wearing an arm cast, try to keep moving your fingers to stop swelling and alleviate stiffness. Likewise, if you’ve got a leg cast and your toes are uninjured, wiggle them regularly!

  • Keep it clean

As you carry on with daily life, it’s difficult to keep your cast in good condition. Do your best to keep the cast clean, and have a look at our wide range of cast coverings that may help

  • Invest in a cast protector

As well as having products to help you carry on with your daily life while in a cast, our waterproof protectors also mean you can carry on having baths or showers while you’re in a cast.