Cold Toes

The solution for cold toes caused by a plaster cast

One of the many disadvantages of having a broken leg is cold, exposed toes. LimbO Products, however, have solved this problem by creating the ToeCozy.

The ToeCozy is a soft, double layer polyester fleece which provides protection for exposed toes and keeps them warm and clean. Application of the ToeCozy couldn’t be easier as it can be simply slipped over the exposed toes and fastened behind the heel over the plaster cast using the Velcro® strap.

There are two different sizes of the ToeCozy: small (shoe size 4-7) and large (shoe size 8-14). Additionally, the ToeCozy is available in four different colours, so it is up to the individual as to whether they’d prefer red, pink, blue or black.

The product can also be conveniently machine washed at 40 degrees using a standard washing detergent and must be tumble dried at the lowest temperature setting to avoid damage to the Velcro®.

According to one of our customers, the ToeCozy is “A simple, robust product that does exactly what it is supposed to do”. However, the ToeCozy is just one of the many products provided by Thesis Technology, a family business which has been operating since 1994 in the south of England and has recently started up a subsidiary in the USA.

The main product sold by LimbO Products, as the name suggests, is the LimbO. The LimbO is a waterproof protector designed to be worn over a plaster cast, fibreglass cast or dressing so that the individual can comfortably take a shower or a bath without the worry of getting their cast wet. To cater for a variety of injuries, a LimbO can be purchased for a broken arm, leg, elbow or foot.

For durability, the LimbO is made from two layers of PVC with a nylon mesh in between. Also, to reduce the risk of allergies, the seal is made of neoprene. Although the fit of the neoprene is snug, it has been carefully designed not to reduce blood flow to the area.

Another benefit of the LimbO is that it won’t allow your injury to get in the way of that family holiday you’ve been looking forward to as it can be worn in a swimming pool and in the sea. However, the LimbO should only be used for gentle splashing around. Besides, not many people would enjoy any serious swimming with a broken bone anyway!

One of the other popular products sold by Thesis Technology Products Ltd is the LimbO Cast Sleeve. The Lycra® sleeve prevents clothes and bed linen snagging on casts of the arm of leg and also comes in a range of colours to suit you.

So if you or someone you know is suffering from cold toes or if you like the sound of any of the other products sold by Thesis Technology, please call today on:
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