Caring for yourself after setback

When you’re unwell or recovering from a broken bone, it’s not an easy time. As well as the physical, there are also mental and emotional aspects to consider. A healing injury or a PICC line for ongoing cancer treatment can be difficult to live with on a day-to-day basis, making it difficult to cope with the challenges that inevitably present themselves in life. But trying to adopt a mindful approach can help make you more resilient to setbacks that occur.

Trying to remain collected and focused can help when faced with difficulties, whether they are related to your condition, to work, or to your relationships.

1.  Don’t be hard on yourself

If something has happened and you’re disappointed by the result, it’s important to not be hard on yourself. Everyone is faced with disappointment from time to time, and occasional setbacks are part and parcel of life. By trying to be more self-accepting and forgiving, it will make it easier to move on.

Try and change the way you view a setback, from a negative experience to seeing it as an experience that shapes you and an opportunity to learn and improve for the next time.

2. Talk it out

Talking to a friend, family member or a professional, such as a counsellor or therapist, can help you to move on from disappointing news. It may even be helpful to talk to someone who has been through a similar situation, so they can shed light on how they coped and it may also help to realise that you’re not alone.

3. Focus on the future

It’s easy to get bogged down when focusing on failure or bad news. Instead, think about what you can do to improve the situation, or how you can move on from this setback. Often, making positive changes, such as a new habit – taking up a new hobby or joining a new group, can be the impetus that helps you to move forward.