Why we’re Living Wage employers

Here at Thesis Technology Products, we are proud to be accredited Living Wage employers. The Living Wage Foundation’s initiative encourages employers to pay their employees a wage that enables them to meet the cost of living, not just the government’s minimum wage requirement.

The government’s minimum wage rate is not calculated based on what people need to live, but on a target of 60% of average earnings. This is why we choose to pay our employees the real Living Wage, an independently-calculated wage rate based on what people need to earn to actually live.

Almost 5000 UK businesses pay their employees the Living Wage, as they recognise that their staff deserve a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. There is no differentiation for people under the age of 25, or 21, unlike the minimum wage. All people aged 18 and older are eligible to receive the real Living Wage.

The scheme enjoys cross-party support, and over 180,000 employees in the UK have received a pay rise as result of the Living Wage campaign.  There are over 4,700 accredited Living Wage employers in the UK, including one-third of FTSE 100 companies, several big household names, and of course, Thesis Technology Products.

At Thesis, we’re delighted to be part of this movement. Ana Mardell, Managing Director, says “We are proud to be a Living Wage Employer, this is very important to us and everyone who works at Thesis Technology.”