Tips for living with an ankle fracture

Broken ankles are very common, in fact they’re one of the most commonly broken bones.  If it should unfortunately happen to you, you have our sympathy. It’s probably going to be quite challenging and recovery can take around three months. But, fear not, we’ve got some handy tips and tricks to make living with a leg cast more bearable.


  • It goes without saying that you should avoid putting weight on the ankle and rest as much as possible to speed up your recovery.
  • Keep the ankle elevated to help reduce swelling.
  • Once the cast has been removed, applying cold ice packs can also help with swelling and pain. Just make sure you don’t apply the ice directly to your skin.
  • If people offer you support, take them up on it! Any break or fracture can be exhausting to live with, so make the most of people’s generosity.
  • As well as traditional crutches, there are now hands-free crutches, such as the iWalk Free, that mean you can regain use of your hands – extremely useful when it comes to almost any task. This can help you regain some of your independence.
  • Keep yourself busy – whether that is making plans for a catch-up with a friend, or downloading your favourite series to binge in one sitting, having things in your diary will keep your mind occupied and more positive.
  • Of course, bathing and showering while you recover is made much easier with a LimbO waterproof protector.
  • Relax! This is a big one. You’ve gone through something very serious, it’s important to slow down and take it easy. This is a golden opportunity to rest and not feel guilty about it.