Make sure your next summer picnic is kid-approved!

Limbo Picnic ideas

Call us optimists, but we’ve got high hopes for another long hot summer this year! And when the sun is shining, the kids are off school, what is better than enjoying a leisurely picnic all together in the great outdoors? And what’s more, it’s now officially National Picnic Month. So what are you waiting for? Here are a few ideas on perfecting your next picnic, the only thing you can’t control is the weather – so keep your fingers crossed! Enjoy.

What to eat?

If we’re lucky enough to get some warm summer days this year, it’s important to pick your picnic food appropriately. You want to consider items that last in the heat – no-one likes sweaty cheese! Ideal picnic items are things like cold cut sandwiches and small bags of chopped veggies to go with dips, maybe hummous or tomato salsa. Sliced red peppers and carrots are always a crowd pleaser that are healthy too. For a sweet snack, grapes in an air container will keep and travel well and no need to carry excess packaging! Finally, store them in a cool box to keep them at their best.

Woman on a picnic blanket


You can’t go wrong with your local park – minimal travelling and less chance for boredom to set in for the little ones! But if you’ve exhausted the green spaces near home, why not try and think outside of the box for your picnic location? Depending on what is nearby, maybe there is a nearby small lake or river that would make a pleasant setting. If you want to make a whole day of it, why not check out National Trust or English Heritage locations near you? They often have stunning gardens that would make for a perfect picnic spot.

National trust park with lake

What to do?

The key to a really great picnic (aside from good weather!) is doing more than just sitting around and eating all that delicious food. With a bit of pre-planning, why not arrange some activities that will ensure the picnic is a fun day out for everyone – and who knows, maybe it’ll even be educational?! And if you do plan some outdoor games and one of your young picnic-ers is currently in a cast, make sure you check out our range of outdoor covers, such as the Sealskinz child cast leg cover or the Outcast outdoor arm protector.


Child playing outside