Can I get a LimbO on prescription?

There are Adult Half Leg and Elbow (PICC Line) LimbOs available on prescription from your GP or prescribing nurse. These are primarily for those with long-term conditions such as leg ulcers caused by diabetes or those undergoing IV treatment through a PICC Line or Midline.

If you are prescribed a LimbO the next step is to take the prescription to your local pharmacy who should order the LimbO for you to collect.

If you need help determining which size prescription LimbO you need please give our friendly team a call on 01243 573417 or view the Measuring Guide on the product page.

Unfortunately, we cannot replace a LimbO which has been prescribed. If your LimbO is the incorrect size or, in the unlikely circumstance, faulty, please contact your GP or the doctor/nurse who prescribed your LimbO.