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We recommend: Oarsome Grips For Crutches to protect your injury.

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Oarsome Grips For Crutches

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The Oarsome Grips are engineered to work with your hands on the crutches, the most important, but the most painful point of contact. Acting as your shock absorber, the Oarsome Grips compress when you put your weight on them, taking the strain for you and then returning to their original position ready to
take the strain again when you take your next step.

  • Provide extra comfort to your crutch handles
  • Reduce strain and stress with impact-absorbing design
  • Choice of three colours
  • Two sizes – please select based on compatible crutch guide
  • Sold as a pair
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Products work and make washing / showering much easier



Product Information

Materials and Colours

Compatible products
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Shock Absorbant

Oarsome Grips protects your hands, wrists, joints and upper body from the impact of using crutches.

Highly Durable

Oarsome Grips provides lasting protection, even when used all day, every day and made to full ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


Oarsome Grips Incorporate antibacterial and antimicrobial agents that meet JIS 2801:2000 to provide maximum day to day defence.

Intelligent Design

Oarsome Grips work with the natural movements of your own hands and body, providing support exactly where you need it.

Simply slide the grips over your standard crutch handles.

Once fitted, Oarsome Grips mould to the shape of your hand then compress when you put your weight down, absorbing the impact that had been transferred directly to your hand and upper body.

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