We recommend: LimbO Leg Cast Sleeve to protect your injury.

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LimbO Leg Cast Sleeve

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The LimbO Leg Cast Sleeve is a snug fitting stretchy Lycra cover that prevents clothes snagging on your cast and protects other limbs and bed linen from abrasions whilst you sleep.

  • Accessorise your lower leg cast or dressing with a soft, silver grey Lycra sleeve
  • Keeps your cast clean
  • Reduces snagging of clothes or bedding by an abrasive cast
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Machine-washable and quick to dry
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Can't recommend this highly enough. Keeps any injuries completely dry. The elastic top and sealed foot is easy to put on and completely waterproof. Very clever design.


This was a present for my daughter who has broken her leg. She said it was wonderful to be able to have a shower without worrying about her cast.


I decided to buy a half arm cover for my husband who had broken his wrist and have to say I am extremely pleased with the quality of the goods. I had a week or so earlier been on line and bought a different item but after being given a pamphlet by the hospital decided to try the Limbo product as the others were extremely thin and I had to tie a ribbon around the top to stop the water entering.

Product Information

Materials and Colours

18% Lycra polyester
  • Prevents the snagging of clothing and bedding
  • Keeps the cast clean
  • Machine-washable and quick to dry

Simply slide the foot into the opening of the sleeve and pull the sleeve up the cast. The sleeve should fit snugly around the cast.

Care guidelines

Can be machine-washed at 40ºC with standard washing detergent. Do not bleach. Can be tumble dried.

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