We recommend: Full Arm Cast Waterproof Protector – Large to protect your injury.

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Full Arm Cast Waterproof Protector – Large


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  • Waterproof protection for your full arm cast or dressing
  • Perfect for your bath or shower
  • Easy to put on and use
  • Comfortable, soft neoprene seal
  • Ideal for a circumference of 39 – 54 cm at the top of the upper arm
  • 69 cm in length and suitable for a maximum cast circumference of 57 cm
Model: M87



Does exactly what I need it to! Keeps cast dry in shower and arrived super quickly.


Just perfect for protecting my plaster cast from getting wet


Easy to put on and take off.

Product Information


Materials and Colours

Seal: neoprene | Sleeve: PVC
  • Keeps cast or dressing dry in the bath and shower
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable seal
  • Latex-free
  • Used within the NHS

The LimbO is easy to use and comes with full, clear instructions. You can also find out how to use your LimbO on our Using Your LimbO page.

How should you stop getting a broken arm wet?


The adult full arm LimbO provides reliable waterproof protection to the whole of the arm, fitting snugly around the upper bicep. The M87 is our large full arm model for wider upper arms. Please check the LimbO measuring guide for exact sizing advice. Light and easy to put on, the soft, flexible neoprene seal will stretch over your cast (or dressing) and around your elbow to get in to position on the upper arm. The strong triple layer sleeve will completely cover your full arm, keeping it nice and dry. The LimbO sleeve is still soft enough to allow your hand to grip, useful for your soap or shampoo! Created using strong materials and an all welded seam the LimbO is a durable waterproof solution that will provide a long-term solution to the problem and difficulty of showering with a cast.


How should I care for my humeral fracture?


It’s important to keep your plaster cast dry. Whether you have a plaster cast on a humeral fracture or wear an arm compression sleeve, the LimbO waterproof protector will keep it dry in the shower or bath. Personal care and daily washes when suffering with a fracture or wound is difficult, but a LimbO cast cover will reduce the inconvenience and help improve your quality of life whilst in recovery. Self-help and patient care at home is a priority for us and the LimbO enables you to maintain your personal hygiene and feel independent even with a broken arm. The LimbO cast protector will keep your cast (or wound dressing) dry, that is our best cast care advice!


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