Recycling your LimbO

October 15th, 2019

As the world is rightly focussing on green, environmentally friendly initiatives, here at LimbO we are doing the same.  We’re going to be unveiling some exciting news in the not too distant future, but in the mean time we are looking at ways to re-use your existing LimbO. Has your cast been removed, or you no longer have a dressing covering a wound? If your LimbO has served its purpose, why not consider some of these ways to reuse it and give it a new lease of life?!


Swimming bag

recycled swimming bag

As your LimbO is already made of a waterproof fabric, it makes sense to use this quality in its new life too. How about making a simple swim bag like this one? Click here to see the full tutorial.



recycled bibs

If you’ve got little ones, waterproof bibs are always welcome! Take a look at this tutorial and swap out the fabric for your LimbO fabric.


Picnic blanket

recylcled picnic blanket

If you’ve got a lot of LimbOs or just a lot of fabrics left over, why not consider a bigger crafting project? Patchwork quilts are a classic and you could mix in the LimbO fabric alongside other patterned fabrics, or you could use it as a waterproof backing fabric.


Snack bags

recycled snack bags

To use alongside your swimming bag, why not create some waterproof, reusable snack bags? Great for taking on holiday or if you’re heading to a water park, these bags are really handy and a great use of your old LimbO!


If you enjoyed these ideas for recycling your LimbO, keep your eyes peeled to the blog for more green ideas soon!