MyLimbOStory by Ian Scarrott

August 12th, 2019

We’ve been talking to customers recently about their experiences with LImbO. You can find all kinds of stories from people that have used a LimbO whilst recovering or undergoing treatment using the hashtag #MyLimbOStory on social media. Most recently, we caught up with triathlete Ian Scarrott, who unfortunately broke his leg and had reason to use LimbO for the first time.


Tell us a bit about yourself

I have competed in loads of triathlons in the last 5 years and I have been a competition runner for 16 years. My most notable event must be for Great Britain (in an age group vest) at the World Championships in 2016. Whilst the event was the peak of my triathlon career to date, my performance was less than amazing. However, it was a truly great experience and only fed my determination and wish to become more involved in triathlons as a competitor and a coach. Today, I am a qualified Triathlon coach and personal trainer.


So why did you need a LimbO?

It was 10 am on bonfire night 2018 and I was cycling to an appointment to get signed off from a hip injury I had picked up. The roads were wet and as I turned a corner, the bike slipped out from underneath me. I don’t remember what happened immediately after that but when I gathered myself together, I was in the road and my ankle was pointing the wrong way.  Three guys picked me out of the road and moved me to safety. I was able to take my shoe off and ‘popped’ my ankle back into place but could not bear my weight and there was a bit of a crunchy noise. I then spent 3 hours sat on the side of the road waiting for an ambulance. I was eventually taken to hospital by a passing private ambulance which stopped to help me. The professionals then relocated my ankle properly and did an X-ray to see what was happening inside. It turned out that I had broken my leg. I stayed in hospital awaiting an operation to put pins in either side of my right ankle – there are 9 pins in total. I was in hospital for 6 days in the end.


How did you hear about LimbO?

The LimbO was recommended by the hospital team on discharge. I went straight home and ordered one via the LimbO website and it arrived the next day. However, having received it I quickly realised it was the wrong size – due to muscle wastage and over optimism on my part, I guess. I contacted Thesis, the makers of LimbO and they kindly sent me a new one without question. I have personal experience of working in the retail sector and this level of service really stood out. I could not believe how helpful and kind they were to replace it and at such speed too. Given everything that had taken place up to that point and knowing that I had a long road to recovery I was feeling a bit down, sport is such a big part of my life, and so the great customer service did give me a little lift. It showed people cared.


Would you recommend LimbO?

Yes, absolutely and I do. Aside from the customer service side of things, I have to say the LimbO came with really clear instructions and was easy to use. Some people in the hospital said use black bags and tape, which I did until my LimbO arrived but using a proper product was far better. It helped me keep the injury infection free and I am sure it has ultimately helped me get back to a sport I love sooner. It’s a long road back from an injury like that, especially when you enjoy quite high impact sports like triathlons! So, I am taking it easy. I want to avoid setbacks. It’s 2019 and I am currently back to doing short bursts of running, swimming and cycling.


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