Lymphoedema awareness week

March 4th, 2020

Did you know?

This week (2nd – 8th March 2020) is Lymphoedema Awareness Week. The British Lymphology Society’s 2020 campaign is called EveryBodyCan and this special week is also focussing on this message.


What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema affects over 400,000 people in this country and unfortunately, that number is increasing. One of the best ways to keep your lymphatic system healthy is to be active. Any movement is better than none, and there are activities suitable for all abilities and all bodies! Some activities that can help you get moving include walking, heel raises, washing up, deep breathing and dancing. Read about more activities here.


Why have Lymphoedema Awareness Week?

Friday is World Lymphoedema Day and this week is a particularly great time to be raising awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyles, especially with healthcare professionals. The #EveryBodyCan campaign provides opportunities to include key messages about lymphoedema, what it is, who it affects and why activity is important. By raising awareness, we can reduce lymphoedema’s prevalence, severity and impact by helping improve early recognition and intervention.


Want to get involved?

  • If you want to hold an event, contact the British Lymphology Society and they can showcase it on their website.
  • If you’ve already arranged an event, make sure you use the hashtags #lymphoedema and #EveryBodyCan in your tweets and tag @BritishLymph.
  • If you’re a healthcare professional, encourage media involvement via your communications team.
  • Share useful resources from website with your colleagues.

Can you think of any other activities that will help raise awareness for this important cause? We’d love to hear what your plans are, don’t forget to use t