December 8th, 2016

So the worst has happened. You have broken your arm, it’s in a cast meaning you have to prepare a festive feast with one arm out of operation.

Fear not! Here at LimbO, as well as providing wound and cast covers to make caring for your injury much easier, we’ve also put together a few ideas for you to pull off a cracker of a festive feast using just one arm.



Set the mood with a festive tipple. Start with something simple like this gin and sparkling apple juice cocktail. Once you’ve mastered opening a bottle one handed, you’ll feel invincible! You might even want to throw in a couple of berries or a cinnamon stick.



Serve all your nibbles on one big platter. Not only will this save on washing up later, it means you can carry everything at the same time to offer to your guests using just one arm. You’ll look super human; and that is always a good look. Arranging your nibbles in the shape of a Christmas tree is up to you!


Just put everything in one big roasting pan. You don’t even need to peel or chop the veg if you don’t want to… that’s the genius of this dish. Just drizzle with oil, sprinkle with herbs and let the oven work it’s magic. This is so easy you could do it in your sleep.



Step 1: buy a cake. Step two: cut the cake into triangular segments. Step three: Add a couple of pretzel antlers, a maraschino cherry nose and a couple of chocolate button eyes. Job done. Your guests will be amazed by your culinary Christmas mastery. Or, you could just buy it here and let the experts make it for you!



See? With the help of LimbO you are unstoppable! No broken arm, ulcer or wound need ever get in the way of a cracker of a Christmas dinner.