How to enjoy your holiday in a cast

March 9th, 2020

As we say goodbye to winter and head towards the warmer months (hopefully!), it might be around the time you and your family start to think about summer holidays. And who could blame you? You deserve it! You book your dream holiday, count down the days in excitement, pack your suitcase and then disaster strikes! You or one of your children suffers a break before you’re due to go away. What to do now? Do not panic, you can still enjoy your long-awaited holiday in a cast. We’ve put together some tips to help and things to consider

  • Check with your airline in advance

It’s best to check with your airline to see if you can travel with a cast. Some airlines require you to wait 24 hours after a cast has been fitted for flights less than two hours and 48 hours for longer flights. This is due to the risk of swelling after a cast is first fitted. Often you’ll be required to provide a physician’s certificate to confirm you’re able to travel.

  • On the plane

You may need to purchase extra seats if you have a leg cast as you’ll need to elevate the limb throughout the flight to help reduce swelling.

  • At your accommodation

Speak to your hotel or accommodation provider before you travel so they are aware of the situation and they can confirm they have the facilities to help you, such as lifts, wheelchairs or a bathroom facilities that are easily accessible from the restaurant, for example.

  • On the beach and around the pool

This is where LimbO will come into its own. If you’re in a cast, our waterproof protectors create a perfect seal around the affected limb in order to keep it dry. It remains watertight even when fully submerged, allowing you or your child to splash around or keep sand out of the cast. And giving you peace of mind!