Help us get Lindsey Gates home

June 29th, 2016

(picture via GoFundMe)

LimbO needs your help to help fly a terminally ill mother home from America, so she can spend her last few weeks with her family and friends.

Lindsey Gates from Emsworth is stuck in America with a broken leg after fracturing it in a hotel bathroom, while she was out on holiday at Disney World Resort in Florida.

Lindsey is terminally ill, after being diagnosed with a series of four inoperable brain tumours in April. The cancer has since spread to her bones and lungs, and doctors have said she may have as little as three months left to live – making it vital she has the chance to return to the UK quickly.

But without insurance, the Gates family now faces a massive £87,000 bill, and Lindsey’s weakened state means she can’t fly home on a standard flight and needs a specialized air ambulance. Without it there’s no way of getting Lindsey back home in time to see her family again.

LimbO are supporting the campaign to help get her back home. But we need your help to raise the money that’s needed – and we need it fast.

The Sun has covered Lindsey’s story:

Help finance Lindsey’s journey home through her GoFundMe page: