Get Back-To-School Calm

September 2nd, 2019

It is natural for there to be a few concerns at the start of the new term especially after the freedom and fun of the long summer holiday. A comfortable uniform; reassurance about school lunches and encouragement about the learning opportunities ahead will help ease the transition. Here are a few of ideas to help to prepare your child for what should be a happy and exciting time.


  1. New environments, whether that means a new school, a new class or just a new teacher, can be daunting for everyone – not just children! If you can visit the school or classroom prior to term starting, this can be a good chance for a child to see their new surroundings prior to the big day, easing their worries. If a visit isn’t possible, how about explaining as best you can what they might be able to expect.
  2. Is there another child from your neighbourhood, or from their previous school that will be attending the same new school or class? Having a partner to tag along with on the first few days will certainly ease a lot of worries, whether they’re worried about making new friends or finding their way around a new environment.
  3. After a long summer of lie ins and late mornings, it can be helpful to introduce some earlier mornings the week before they go back to school. By slowly adjusting back to an earlier wake-up call, it should reduce some of the stress and shock of the first day back!
  4. To make life easier prepare school uniform and kit bags in advance with your child, opt for easy styles that they can manage. If the child is wearing a cast, this might include a cast cover such as our cast sleeve for legs or arms.   Preparation helps avoid last-minute stresses to ensure the first morning goes as smoothly as possible.
  5. If nerves affect your child’s appetite try tempting treats like pancakes with fruit, a yogurt or favoured healthy snack. A nutritious breakfast has been proven to help brain function and therefore a child’s productivity throughout a school day. Having a healthy breakfast in a calm environment can help with energy levels and also better concentration.
  6. Talk about it! Many of their worries you might be able to ease by just discussing them. Explain that most students will feel the same way – especially if it’s the first year at a new school. Many students will be feeling nervous about what to expect. Also make sure the child realises that teachers will understand students’ nerves – and they will be on hand to ensure everyone feels as comfortable as possible.