Fun days out with children in casts

July 29th, 2016

LimbO is back with the third in our series on ways of making your summer easier with a plaster cast.

This time we’re looking a little bit closer to home, at how kids can have fun over the summer holidays despite the worry of needing to protect themselves from further injury.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – having one of your children injure themselves badly the second that school breaks up for the holidays. Your child’s been left needing to wear a plaster cast, and their summer is ruined.

Or, at least, that’s what they think. There are plenty of family-friendly things to do, both inside and outside, that can easily be done even with a broken limb.

Remember that a LimbO can provide protection – meaning that no matter how easy you take things while you’re out and about.


Out and About

Summer Is the time to be out of the house as much as possible, so don’t let that injury stop your child from experiencing those sunny days. There are lots of things for a child to get up to in the great outdoors, even if they have a cast on.

A trip to a historic site or a farm can provide an excellent opportunity for a fun day out that gives a real hands-on experience of learning. It’s always worth calling up to find if they’re accessible so that you can enjoy a hassle-free day with your child.

Even if your child’s injury keeps you at home, you can still give them a taste of the outside world by getting them interested in things around the garden. Maybe you could plant a small vegetable garden, or teach them how to help make the garden prettier?

One thing to avoid is a trip to the beach, as sand is likely to get underneath a cast and cause serious irritation and anything that could get a cast wet is an obvious no-no.

If you’re worried that an activity could damage your child’s cast and need them having to spend, you can purchase a cast protector such as the OutCast to give you peace of mind – they don’t leak easily and provide excellent protection from rain and dirt while your child is playing outside.


Museum musing

While a museum might not seem like the most welcoming of places for children, especially younger ones, there are lots of kid-friendly places that will keep them fascinated for hours on end while teaching them important knowledge at the same time. Since many are wide open and easy to move around in, they make for a perfect day out for children with even the most restrictive of casts.

The Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London are world-renowned for their exciting exhibits, from full-scale dinosaur models – and they’re a firm favourite of the young royals as well!

Many of these museums are free, so they make for a cheap day out too – good if you want to keep things simple.

For a list of some of the UK’s most popular museums, check out the Visit Britain website.


Indoor excitement

Sometimes it just seems too hot outside for you or your child to do anything worthwhile – especially now that swimming is pretty much out of the question (though you can still paddle and splash with a LimbO leg protector). Of course, it could just as easily be too rainy as well! Either way, there’s lots to get up to indoors with a cast.

If you’re more of a creative type of person, arts and crafts activities are an excellent idea to have fun with your child while keeping them occupied over the summer. If you have a craft shop in your area, it’s a good idea to take your children with you – then they can choose what excites them and use the supplies to make some fantastic creations. They could even create a cool new design for their cast!

You could find lots to do in the kitchen – baking is always fun, doesn’t need to be complicated, and can be done with a cast on easily – and with some delicious results.

And of course, if all else fails, why not break out the movies and turn your front room into your own little cinema?

Whatever you get up to this summer with a cast on, you won’t have to worry about showering or bathing if you have a LimbO. Use our online fitting guide to find out which model is right for you.