Five Things You Only Understand When You Have a Cast

August 11th, 2017

Until you have a cast, there are certain things that won’t ever have crossed your mind. You may have previously considered how to scratch an itch under your dressing with a pencil, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of issues a cast-wearer will have to face on a daily basis. Here at LimbO Products we thought it would be fun to put together a list of things only someone with a cast can understand. Have a read, have a laugh and let us know if we’ve missed any off!



1.The Joy of Showering With a LimbO

To those amongst you who have never worn a cast in your lives, a shower is just that - a shower. But for those of you who have endured a broken bone, you know that working out the logistics of keeping your cast dry in the shower is mind boggling, so instead, you opt for the world’s most uncomfortable bath with a limb hanging over the side and a plastic bag taped painfully around it. But then you discover the LimbO…a comfortable and effective waterproof cover that will keep your cast dry in the shower or bath. The feeling that follows is one our unbroken acquaintances will never understand. It is the feeling of sheer euphoria. WOOP WOOP! Bring on the bubbles!


2.The Appreciation of Eating With a Knife and Fork Simultaneously.

You are presented with your dinner and it looks utterly delicious. Your mouth is watering at the thought of taking a bite, but there is just one problem; your arm is plaster and you can only use a knife OR a fork… not both together. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Unless someone offers to feed you, you’ll just have to struggle to take bites off large chunks and dribble sauce all down your shirt.


3.The Ability to Lie on the Sofa Comfortably.

You return home from hospital after having your cast put on and all you want to do is lie on the sofa to watch a film. As you begin to settle into your favoured viewing position whilst deciding whether you fancy a romcom or an action flick, something painfully interrupts your trail of thought… Ouch!

You turn over.


Your try once more.


Great. You can’t even lie down comfortably to watch a film….sleeping is not going to be fun.


4.Typing at Speed.

You return to work a week or so after you broke your arm and you’re feeling pretty impressed with yourself for showing such dedication. You walk past reception chatting to people on the way to your desk and you even let your boss sign your cast. You are unstoppable. When you finally switch on your computer there are hundreds of emails you need to reply to so you begin     t      y      p     I     n     g. 

Oh dear.  No one mentioned how difficult typing with one hand was going to be. This is going to be a long day.


Washing Your Hands.

This is a task people without a broken arm do without thinking. It’s almost second nature. We have our own special ways of rubbing our hands together to form the bubbles and interlocking our fingers in our own unique way to kill those germs and feel clean. The first time you come to wash your hands with a cast on, you will immediately be faced with a near impossible task. You need to turn the tap on with your good hand, dispense the soap with your good hand whilst at the same time catching the soap yet again with your good hand.

You may have the required speed and reflexes to get this far, but that’s not enough. To distribute the soap over your hand you need a level of dexterity not many possess. There is also the added challenge of washing the fingers that poke out the end of your cast, turning the tap off and drying your hands. Phew! This is exhausting.


So there you have it! But although life with a cast is tough, LimbO Waterproof Protectors do offer some salvation at least! Click here to choose the right LimbO for your injury and get well soon.