Everything you need to know if your child is wearing a cast

October 1st, 2019

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It’s true. No-one wants their child to go through the experience of wearing an arm or leg cast. After the initial break and treatment, there is then the healing process to consider and although life in a cast isn’t necessarily going to be easy, there are tricks that can make the experience more bearable. 


Having the cast put on

After being x-rayed, doctors will review the results and your child will be referred to an orthopaedic practitioner. The OP team will take care of them and put on a cast. The plaster cast itself is made of a bandage and a hard covering, usually plaster of Paris, to protect the broken bone. It is often coloured. Decorating a cast with stickers can cheer a child up and our Playmitt or Sealskinz sock will enable them to keep the cast clean and play outside.


  • Uncertainty or questions

You can help to prepare your child for the cast by talking them through what’s going to happen and answering any questions they have. There are also books available that can help children’s understanding of the process, like this one.

childrens story book about a child who breaks their leg

(available via Amazon)


  • Having a bath

It’s very important when bathing or showering that the cast does not get wet. If the cast does become wet, it is weakened and is no longer able to support the bones so they can heal. Using a waterproof protector is essential to keep the cast dry and for giving you peace of mind! All of our LimbOs come in sizes for children, no matter what type of cast they have. Use our configurator to find the right one for you.

Child in bath wearing a limbo


  • Playing

A child’s ability to continue to play will depend on the type of break they have experienced. Plenty of toys can be manoeuvred using one hand if they’re broken they arm, or after time, some children will be wanting to move around if they’re fractured their leg. It really does depend and you should speak to your doctor about what to expect. If they need to stay relatively quiet and keep the broken limb still, maybe arrange a movie day! We’ve got lots of ideas for activities on the blog, such as these fun ideas or these creative activities.


Hopefully that helps to cover some issues that may arise while your child is in a cast. Remember, if you have any questions at all about what to expect or what will happen while your child is recovering, contact your doctor and they will be able to help.