Cycling to raise awareness for diabetic foot amputation

August 1st, 2019

Many of our client’s lives are affected by diabetes so it is a big concern of ours at Limbo.  We were delighted to be able to sponsor a cycle ride last month raising awareness for the complications relating to the condition.


Our LimbO waterproof protectors can be useful for people suffering with diabetes related wounds. One of the complications caused by diabetes is reduced sensation in your feet and lower limbs, making it difficult to notice if any wounds or cuts have appeared. This makes healing difficult for people with diabetes. Diabetes patients are more likely to experience foot trauma following infection from a wound. These problems lead to 176 leg, foot, or toe amputations a week in England alone – a shocking figure that is all the more shocking when it is considered that 80% of these are considered preventable. A LimbO provides essential cover and a helping hand to manage bathing.


This is where the Diabetic Foot Amputation Awareness Cycle Ride team come in! Last month, the team cycled one mile for each amputation, meaning they cycled 176 miles across the two day event – an increase on the previous year’s 160 miles, as the rate of amputations is actually getting worse.


Pictured above is Mark Allatt, from the company Integra, who is behind the initiative. Mark has been a supporter of LimbO over the years and for part of the ride, wore four different LimbOs to raise awareness about how they can help healing and recovery for people with diabetes related wounds. Also pictured (below) is Rob Yates of Wounds UK/Omniamed Communications.

For more information on the ride, check out the team’s Facebook page.