Are you ready to go back to school?

September 7th, 2017

The new school term is upon us, but are you ready for it?

If the last six weeks have whizzed by in a blur, the chances are you are not feeling at all prepared but, worry not, we’ve prepared a light hearted LimbO guide to help you through those last minute back to school hurdles…

1.Make a School Gate Survival Kit.

For some, that first goodbye at the school gates is emosh. Leaving your child for the first time in six weeks can be difficult, so with separation anxiety inevitable, be prepared for it. Stash a LimbO in your handbag and fill it with tissues to wipe away tears, a chocolate bar for distraction and a good book to read when you’re sitting in the car waiting to pick them up, hoping to catch a glimpse of them on the playground. Maybe a note pad and pencil would also come in handy.

2.Make a Last Minute Pencil Case.

Why do children leave it until 8.57am on the first day of school to tell you they need a new pencil case? Don’t let this add to your school run stress levels as the answer is simple and it’s lurking in your drawer upstairs. Remember that LimbO you used for a broken arm last year? Whip it out, fill it with stationary and away you go! Sorted.


3.Make a Bag for Muddy Football Boots.

This works for any dirty shoes to be fair, but when it comes to footie boots they really are the worst culprits for leaving trails of mud in their wake. So train your little Neymar to keep the mud contained. Leave the Limbo at the bottom of their school bag and they can use it for emergency muddy boot carrying whenever they need it.


4.Make a Last Minute Lunch Bag.

This is level 10 when it comes to resourcefulness. It’s light, compact, will protect from spillages… what more do you want? The perfect last minute lunch bag when you are all still trying to fit back into routine… maybe just give it a wipe over inside and out first. Oh and if you do ever need to use your LimbO again to protect a cast or dressing for broken bones or wounds, make sure there are no sandwich crusts or crumbs inside fi